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February 15, 2012

Episode 50: Cube (1997)

Special Guest: Vincenzo Natali
Guest Co-Host: Rod Lott

Cube (1997), a low-budget character study from Canada, kick-started Vincenzo Natali's career in creating intelligent science fiction films (Splice, Nothing, Cypher, etc).

Joining Mike is Rod Lott of the zine Hitch and the websites Bookgasm and FlickAttack!

Buy Cube on DVD
Buy Cube: Inside the Making of a Cult Film Classic by A.S. Berman
Visit the Cube archives at Vincenzo's site

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1 comment:

  1. While I admire the movie, I have too many issues with the performances to classify myself a genuine 'fan.' Still, it's interesting to listen to Natali recount the experience.

    Along with this interview, I've enjoyed some of his pontifications in recent times - his video intro to Alien and Planet of the Vampires at the Lightbox was great and his Black Museum lecture was most interesting when he discussed how a sense of architectural space impacts his own work (and of course, Cube is all about the architecture).