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February 15, 2012

Episode 50: Cube (1997)

Special Guest: Vincenzo Natali
Guest Co-Host: Rod Lott

Cube (1997), a low-budget character study from Canada, kick-started Vincenzo Natali's career in creating intelligent science fiction films (Splice, Nothing, Cypher, etc).

Joining Mike is Rod Lott of the zine Hitch and the websites Bookgasm and FlickAttack!

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Buy Cube on DVD
Buy Cube: Inside the Making of a Cult Film Classic by A.S. Berman
Visit the Cube archives at Vincenzo's site


1 comment:

  1. While I admire the movie, I have too many issues with the performances to classify myself a genuine 'fan.' Still, it's interesting to listen to Natali recount the experience.

    Along with this interview, I've enjoyed some of his pontifications in recent times - his video intro to Alien and Planet of the Vampires at the Lightbox was great and his Black Museum lecture was most interesting when he discussed how a sense of architectural space impacts his own work (and of course, Cube is all about the architecture).