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January 18, 2012

Episode 46: The Apple (1980)

Special Guests: Menahem Golan, Coby Recht, Iris Yotvat, Joss Ackland, George S. Clinton, Catherine Mary Stewart
Guest Co-Host: Eric Bresler, Dan Tabor

Time to break out your BIM marks... we're talking about The Apple, the oft-maligned musical that combines Genesis, Revelation, and a little Faust which takes place in the distance future... 1994. See how the world will really look like.

Co-hosts this week are Eric Bresler from Cinedelphia and Dan Tabor of Geekadelphia. There's a whole lot of delphia going on.

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  1. The Apple is an amazing film. It makes me so happy whenever I watch it. It has its problems, certainly, such as acting, dialogue, plot, sanity, but who cares? This is a film that uses the same 30 extras in every scene, so much so that you can devise drinking games for when each one appears. Drink twice for each Finola Hughes. Every time you think the film has peaked, or is about to finally lose its energy, it comes back bashing. Allan Love is amazing. George Gilmour is the first male lead with a cameltoe. It is easily one of the funnest films you can ever watch, "un" and intentionally. I've used it in film classes to demonstrate tracking shots, editing, and insanity. But especially the Fellini meets Greenaway meets Ed Wood sequence that is "Showbizness", which looks like it was shot in the lobby of either a mid-sized airport or mid-sized city civic center, and which contains the single worst tap dance number in filmdom. And also Yma Sumac. There are few films out there I love as much as The Apple, on every level. God Bless you for doing this.

  2. The problem with most "bad" movies is that they're deadly dull. "The Apple" is never, ever boring. As soon as your chin snaps back into position after hitting your chest in amazement, there's yet another bashit crazy scene to take in.

    It's amazing.

    Thanks for the fascinating behind-the-scenes look at this movie.

  3. Oh, and if you care, my thoughts on the film are here: http://jddblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/bite-me.html

  4. I really enjoyed your glowing (albeit) `negative' review of THE APPLE... I had just finished leaving two different messages to some other individuals who had literally taken a shit on the movie and then kicked it in the face before shooting it in the head (via their clueless critiques) to whom I had not else to express other then a heartfelt `FUCK YOU!'... Your review, however, was properly (and RESPECTFULLY, DAMMIT!) executed, for which I would like to express my sincerest regards. Sincerely, Best regards, I remain the guy who just told two other film-watchers to go fuck themselves, but did not do so to you

  5. I imagine this makes more sense if you've already seen the movie than if you're listening to it because you can't see the movie.