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September 14, 2011

Episode 28: Darktown Strutters (1975)

Get Down and BoogieSpecial Guest: Trina Parks

Get back jack and cut us no slack. We're hopping on our hogs and talking about the Darktown Strutters (AKA Get Down & Boogie), one of the most madcap blaxploitation flicks ever made. Come with us as we follow Syreena (Trina Parks) as she looks for her momma; uncovering a web of intrigue that involves prominent leaders in the community, cloning, and fried chicken. You won't believe your ears.

For more about Trina Parks, visit TrinaParksTribute.com.
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  1. Good job, guys! It's more like a Ralph Bakshi cartoon (HEAVY TRAFFIC, not COOL WORLD) that's come to life. more than anything. I think it even aces out BLAZING SADDLES in terms of race satire, since there's no other spoofery of genres involved.
    Probably a good reason why it's not out on legit DVD - you'd NEVER get away with 95% of what's in this movie, nowadays.

    The 'N----r Alarm' is what was referred to in the police station.

  2. Good point about Bakshi. I'm no expert on his work, having mostly seen Fritz the Cat. I should probably check out Coonskin one of these days if for only the Barry White.

    Yeah, I almost included audio from that scene but wasn't sure how offensive (or not) it would be considered nowadays. I also thought it'd undercut what Trina was saying in terms of her being kind of offended at the scene. I'm curious if that scene or audio bits were in the TCM broadcast.

    I kept in the bit from the minstrels at the end of the show though it's not exactly clear that they're minstrels since it's audio-only.