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April 10, 2024

Episode 680: Millennium Actress (2001)

Episode 680: Millennium Actress (2001) Guest Co-Hosts: Earl Jackson, El Goro

We continue Japanese month with a request from listener Vaughn Kuhlemeier, Millennium Actress (2001). Directed by Satoshi Kon, the film tells the story of Chiyoki Fujiwara, an actress who met a fugitive when she was a young lady who spent the rest of her life looking for him. She’s approached by a filmmaker and his cameraman to celebrate the studio she helped make famous. As they learn about her life they enter into her memories and films -- as does the audience. We move seamlessly between fantasy and reality in this beautifully animated film.

El Goro and Professor Earl Jackson join Mike to discuss Kon's work.

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"rotation (LOTUS-2)" - Susumu Hirasawa


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