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July 5, 2023

Episode 635: Face/Off (1997)

Episode 635: Face/Off (1997) Special Guests: Mike Werb, Michael Colleary
Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, AJ Black

In John Woo's Face/Off (1997), Sean Archer (John Travolta), a FBI Agent whose son was killed by his enemy, Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage ). Six years later Troy has planted a bomb somewhere in L.A. and, after he’s accidentally put into a coma, Archer must put on Troy’s face in order to find where the bomb is at.

Samm Deighan and A.J. Black join Mike to discuss this landmark action film while screenwriters and talk about the long, strange history of the movie.

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"Man in the Mirror" - Ward Thomas


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