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June 21, 2023

Episode 633: True Stories (1986)

Special Guests: Stephen Tobolowsky, Alix Elias
Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Stachiw, Axel Kohagen

Directed by and starring David Byrne, True Stories (1986) tells the story of Virgil, Texas which is having its sesquicentennial anniversary and having a big talent show. We’re introduced to the unusual residents of the town in little vignettes that star a lot of familiar faces.

Axel Kohagen returns to the Projection Booth along with Chris Stachiw. Meanwhile, Mike talks with screenwriter and actress Alix Elias about their role in crafting the film.

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"Radio Head" - Talking Heads, featuring Tito Larriva, Esteban Jordan With Los Vampiros
"Dream Operator" - Talking Heads, featuring Annie McEnroe
"People Like Us" - Talking Heads, feautring John Goodman



  1. Mr. White & Mr. St. Mary,couldn't let the summer fly and not get on the PB:)David Byrne On The Evolution &Breakup of The Talking HeadsI Conan O' Brian Needs A Friend is interesting YT interview that popped up on Team Coco,about a week ago?You cats should check it because Conan totally misses that Mr. Byrne was a R.IS.D.,Rhode Island School Of Design graduate,& that his fellow students like Gus Van Sant-right there at second American New Wave,&Seth MaFralane(love him or hate him)he dominated American TV!I love The Road To Nowhere song-it's Gospel &Whimsical,I think of True Stories alongside Raising Arizona because of the great John Goodman's inclusion in both films.That doesn't unlock some secret key to the Lebowski universe,does it?Looking forward to your proper review of Oppenheimer-I havn't screened that yet.Thank You for content.It is appreciated & Always Be Well...

    1. Rob wasn't on this one. And don't hold your breath for an Oppenheimer review.

      Appreciate you listening!

    2. I sent you that piece:)It would still be way cool to get Eric Cohen,from the Cinefiles back on :)That fan's request,also Alicia Malone-I found some old e-mails n' stuff but nothing new-She would be great have on again,along with Eddie Muller-good TCm there, with looks at Harper &Marlowe&I mean Marlowe the version with James Garner fighting Bruce Lee on the ledge:)Movies are the best:)

    3. I don't see a problem getting Mr. Cohen back on but, like you, I have no way of contacting Ms. Malone.