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June 14, 2023

Episode 632: True Romance (1993)

Guest Co-Hosts: Andrew J. Rausch, Kendall R. Phillips

Andrew J. Rausch and Kendall R. Phillips join Mike to look at Tony Scott’s 1993 film True Romance. Based on a screenplay by , the film stars Christian Slater as Clarence, a comic book store clerk from a non-existent version of Detroit and Patricia Arquette as Alabama, a hooker with a heart of gold. After killing her pimp (Gary Oldman) the two go across country to Hollywood to sell a stolen suitcase of cocaine.

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"A Little Tear" - Burl Ives


1 comment:

  1. Mike, I was living in Windsor ar the time and remember crossing over to see films in the Renaissance Center as well as the Adams (or Aadams?) theater which was down town off of Woodward if memory serves. It was a two or three room cinema where I distinctly remember seeing Eddie Murphy Raw, Run DMC's Tougher Than Leather and maybe even School Days before it was closed.

    Years later while living in Montreal, I befriended a guy I maybe had met at a party talking about movies. Months later we were hanging out at a coffee shop and while discussing Tarantino's films and when True Romance. He asked me what I thought of the fan edit, I quickly told him I thought it was pretty crap and he looked at me with a very disappointed look on his face. Turns out he edited it and unleashed it on the internet back in those early days.