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May 10, 2023

Episode 627: The Last Supper (1995)

Episode 627: The Last Supper (1995) Special Guests: Jonathan Penner, Dan Rosen
Guest Co-Hosts: Rob St. Mary, Martin Kessler

We continue talking about comedic films this month with a look at Stacy TItle's The Last Supper. Released in 1995, the film is a dark comedy where a handful of liberals decide to try and make the world a better place by poisoning scuzzball right-wingers and planting them in their garden.

Martin Kessler and Rob St. Mary join Mike to discuss the film while producer/actor Jonathan Penner and writer talk about the making of the film.

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Original Soundtrack by Mark Mothersbaugh
"Top of the World" - Shonen Knife


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