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February 8, 2023

Episode 611: The Baron (1977)

Episode 611: The Baron (1977) Special Guests: Alan Metzger, Phillip Fenty
Guest Co-Hosts: David Walker, Father Malone

Black History Month continues with a look at Phillip Fenty’s 1977 film The Baron . Originally known as Baron Wolfgang Von Tripps, the film stars Calvin Lockhart as Jason, a filmmaker who is trying to complete his film on Von Tripps only to have everything go wrong. His money man, Coke Man (Charles McGregor), is in dutch with one of his connections in the mob while Jason’s people in California want to re-cast the movie with a white guy and remove him from the project.

Father Malone and David Walker join Mike to discuss the movie. Cinematographer Alan Metzger and director Phillip Fenty discuss their careers and making this often-overlooked film.

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Bonus: Interview with Matthew Mallison:
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  1. Earliest Lockhart appearance I've found is in the last episode of a very obscure cult UK series, THE CORRIDOR PEOPLE, "Victim As Black".