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March 24, 2023

Episode 620: Jacob's Ladder (1990)

Episode 620: Jacob's Ladder (1990) Special Guests: Bruce Joel Rubin, Adrian Lyne
Guest Co-Hosts: Stephen Scarlata, Yaniv Eidelstein

Yaniv Eidelstein and Stephen Scarlata join Mike to look at Adrian Lyne's 1990 film Jacob's Ladder It’s the story of Jacob Singer (Tim Robbins) who’s platoon in Vietnam is attacked by unknown forces. He suffers from flashbacks of this horrific event in 1970s New York where he’s left his wife and is living with his co-worker, Jezebel (Elizabeth Pena). He is plagued, as well, by horrific visions of demons. Is Jacob going mad? Is he a victim of a government plot? Or is it something else entirely?

Special guests writer and director Adrian Lyne discuss the making of the film and its fate.

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