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November 2, 2022

Episode 594: Far From Home (1989)

Episode 594: Far From Home (1989) Special Guests: Meiert Avis, Tommy Lee Wallace, Paul Miller, Donald P. Borchers
Guest Co-Hosts: Andras Jones, Bryan Connolly

We kickoff #Noirvember 2022 with something a little different; an erotic thriller from 1989. Directed by Meiert Avis, co-written by , shot by Paul Elliott, and produced by Donald P. Borchers, the film stars Drew Barrymore as Joleen Cox who, along with her father Charley (Matt Frewer) are stranded in a shitty little trailer park in Nevada on their way back to California.

She’s on the edge of 14 years old and encounters a whole mess of interesting characters… and character actors. There’s Susan Tyrrell who runs the trailer park, Dick Miller as the local lawman, Richard Masur as a burnt out mechanic, Anthony Rapp as a squirrely little guy named Pinky, and there’s some guy named Andras Jones who menaces Joleen and may be murdering people around the park.

Andras Jones and Bryan Connolly of The World Is Wrong podcast join Mike to discuss the film and the phenomenon of erotic thrillers.

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