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June 8, 2022

Episode 575: Popeye (1980)

Special Guests: Allan F. Nicholls, Paul Dooley, MacIntyre Dixon
Guest Co-Hosts: Paul Zimmerman, Father Malone

We’re looking at the 1980 film from director Robert Altman and writer , Popeye. Based on the King Syndicate comic by E.C. Segar, it’s the story of a mariner (Robin Williams) who comes to the port town of Sweethaven looking for his father. He finds a town under the control of a mysterious man known only as The Commodore who has left his right hand man, Bluto (Paul L. Smith), in charge of the city which is plagued with ruffians and an overzealous tax collector. He meets the Oyl family, a dysfunctional group whom he must redeem in order to find his father and true happiness.

Father Malone and Paul Zimmerman join Mike to discuss the film while interviews include Allan F. Nicholls, Paul Dooley, and MacIntyre Dixon.

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"It's Not Easy Being Me" - Harry Nilsson
"Everybody's Got To Eat" - Paul Dooley
"Sailin'" - Shelley Duvall & Robin Williams
"He Needs Me" - Shelley Duvall
"Popeye Twist" - The Tornados



  1. This being released in 1980, it got a video game treatment which was available on multiple old school, 1st generation consoles like Atari, Intellivision, and ColecoVision {the cartridge I have}. The game played pretty well. Giving the player the availability to eat the spinach and then punch out Bluto was probably the salient point.

    1. We'll be talking a bit about this on our Super Mario Brothers episode.