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May 18, 2022

Episode 573: Three Poplars on Plyuschikha Street (1968)

Guest Co-Hosts: Gianna D'Emilio, Alistair Pitts

We continue our month of discussing Soviet Cinema with a look at Tatyana Lioznova's Three Poplars on Plyuschikha Street (1968). Written by , it’s the story of Nyura (Tatyana Doronina), a country woman who comes to the big city of Moscow to see her sister in law. There she meets Sasha (Oleg Efremov), a taxi driver. They share stories and a song on the way to Plyuschikha Street. He offers to take her to the movies and she agrees but things go wrong.

Gianna D'Emilio and Alistair Pitts join Mike to discuss this heart-breaking film.

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"Tenderness" - Maya Kristalinskaya


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