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April 1, 2022

Episode 566: New Wave Hookers (1985)

Guest Co-Hosts: Ashley West, Robin Bougie

We conclude our look at adult films with the raunchiest we've covered so far, New Wave Hookers (1985), a film from the Dark Brothers mired in controversy. Starring Jack Baker and Jamie Gillis, it's the story of two men who share a dream of becoming pimps and hypnotizing women into doing their bidding via the power of new wave music. The film also features Ginger Lynn and originally featured Traci Lords before it broke that she was underage at the time of making it.

Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer) and Ashley West (The Rialto Report) join Mike to discuss the film and its backstory.

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"Electrify Me" - The Plugz


1 comment:

  1. Hi Mike -- Great XXX podcasts last month! I'm shocked to know anything Robin Bougie & Ashley West do not on the topic but I guess it comes with being such an avid collector of original Golden Age adult posters: In addition to NEW WAVE HOOKERS, VCA also re-released Greg Dark's outrageous 1985 BLACK THROAT, starring Traci Lords (who's name-checked as raunchily as possible in its theme song) w/both of her scenes deleted. And as for the trailer for NWH, I have it on my very old 1st-release VHS of CAFE FLESH (which as you probably know was ALSO stupidly censored "for violence"... aka Max Melodramatic getting punched in the face... by VCA in the aftermath of Tracigate). My friend Sean Baker speaks so highly of you that I'd be happy to loan you the tape, if you'd like. And if Projection Booth would ever be interested in some type of giveaway/cross-promotion with my poster webstore Westgategallery.com I'd love that!