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March 30, 2022

Episode 565: Blonde Ambition (1981)

Special Guests: John Amero, Larry Revene, LaRue Watts, Kurt Mann
Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, April Hall

Released in 1981, Blonde Ambition was years in the making. Written by and directed by Lem and John Amero, the film stars Suzy Mandel and Dory Devin as Sugar and Candy Kane, sisters who have a song and dance act in a podunk town. One fateful evening they encounter the dashing Stephen Carlisle III (Eric Edwards), a prince of sorts who carries not a glass slipper but a valuable jewel -- and, wouldn’t you know it, a duplicate of a worthless replica owned by the Kane sisters. It goes without saying that wackiness ensues.

Interviews include director John Amero, actor Kurt Mann, writer and production designer LaRue Watts, and frequent Amero collaborator Larry Revene.

April Hall of The Rialto Report and Heather Drain join Mike to discuss this amazing musical.

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"Two little girls from Little Rock" - Marilyn Monroe & Jane Russell



  1. Hi Mike, Kurt here...Listened, loved it. Very nostalgic. FIY: An amusing bit John left out. When he and Lem went to London they also met with Diana Dors to play Lady Barrington. In case you're too young to remember, she was Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe in the 1950's. She liked the idea but wanted too much money and insisted that her younger husband play Stephan. Too bad because I would have loved to meet her. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane.

    1. Thank you so much! Was such a pleasure to talk with you!