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January 12, 2022

Episode 555: The North Avenue Irregulars (1979)

Special Guests: Bruce Bilson, Don Tait, Edward Herrmann
Guest Co-Hosts: David Kittredge, Rod Lott

David Kittredge and Rod Lott join Mike to look at the 1979 film The North Avenue Irregulars. Based on the non-fiction book by Reverend Albert Fay Hill, the film stars Edward Herrmann as Reverend Mike Hill, a minister who arrives with his two children at their new congregation to find a rather wacky group of women who help run the church. When one of them loses the church’s money on some illegal gambling Hill tries to get it back. Humiliated and chagrined by the mob who run the gambling there, Hill teams up with the Treasury Department in order to take down crime with his team of irregulars.

Interviews include director Bruce Bilson, screenwriter , and actor Edward Herrmann.

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  1. Thanks for this review!!! I missed the film when it came out as I was not of the age where it might appeal to me. Amazon is streaming it for #3.99 so I watched it two nights ago and it was hilarious. One of the better Disney films of that time though they must have realized that all the location bloopers would not pass the laugh test for New Rochelle, NY.