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May 28, 2021

Special Report: Gone in Sixty Seconds (1974)

Guest Co-Hosts: Chris Stachiw, El Goro

Released in 1974, Gone in Sixty Seconds was directed, written by, and stars H. B. Halicki as Maindrian Pace. He’s an accident investigator by day… and a car thief by day too. He gets charged with stealing 48 cars for the unscrupulous Mr. Villas. All of the cars are given female nicknames and it’s the car named Eleanor that seems to haunt him as he and his crew get to work filling a very tall order.

El Goro (Talk Without Rhythm) and Chris Stachiw (The Kulturecast) join Mike to discuss Halicki's movie empire and the 2000 Dominic Sena remake starring Nicholas Cage.

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"Gone in Sixty Seconds" - Philip Kachaturian


1 comment:

  1. Re-makes and originals are such strange beasts.Purple Noon & The Talented Mr. Ripley are prime examples.Siskel & Ebert really slammed Gone In Sixty Seconds:)