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March 5, 2021

Special Report: Pandemonium (1982)

Special Guests: Miles Chapin, Alfred Sole, Jamie Klein, Richard Whitley
Guest Co-Hosts: Rod Lott, Gary Hill

We’re looking at Alfred Sole’s Pandemonium (1982) which stars Candice Azzara as Bambi, a witness to the horrific murder of her high school cheer leading squad who, years later, fulfills her lifelong dream of starting her own cheer leading camp at It Had To Be University.

Rod Lott and Gary Hill join Mike to discuss the film and other horror comedy parodies from the early '80s. Special guests include Miles Chapin, Alfred Sole, , and .

Update: Thanks to listener Matt M. for the explanation of the Blue Grange joke! "Harold Edward "Red" Grange (June 13, 1903 – January 28, 1991), nicknamed "The Galloping Ghost" and "The Wheaton Iceman", was an American football halfback for the University of Illinois, the Chicago Bears, and the short-lived New York Yankees. His signing with the Bears helped legitimize the National Football League (NFL)."

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