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December 28, 2020

Special Report: The Ventures - Stars on Guitars (2020)

Special Guests: Staci Layne Wilson
Guest Co-Hosts: Maurice Bursztynski, Skizz Cyzyk

Maurice Bursztynski and Skizz Cyzyk join Mike to discuss Staci Layne Wilson's documentary The Ventures: Stars on Guitars (2020) about one of the best instrumental bands of the 20th Century. Formed in the late '50s and still going today, The Ventures are most famous for their versions of "Walk, Don't Run" and the Hawaii 5-0 theme. The documentary goes beyond the hits to show the influence that The Ventures have had for the last sixty years.

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"Penetration" - The Ventures
"Walk, Don't Run" - The Ventures



  1. Golly,I didn't see this coming out of left field!Such good taste and temerity on this site,Maybe Riot On The Sunset Strip is next?:)Happy New Years Wishes,Mr. White & Mr.St.Mary!!:)

  2. Thanks, guys! For the record... Walk, Don't Run would have cost me $40,000 to use 30 seconds. I did the best I could, considering it was self-financed.