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December 30, 2019

Special Report: Brainstorm (1983)

Special Guests: Douglas Trumbull, Louise Fletcher, Bruce Joel Rubin, Philip Frank Messina, Robert Stitzel, Joseph Maddrey
Guest Co-Hosts: Samm Deighan, David Kittredge

For the last episode in our Sci-Fi December series it's a five hour journey into Douglas Trumbull's Brainstorm (1983) which stars Christopher Walken as scientist Michael Brace who has helped in the discovery of a new technology that records the sensations of a person and allows for playback directly into another person's brain.

Co-hosts Samm Deighan and David Kittredge join Mike to discuss the film, the tragic death of Natalie Woods that overshadowed it, and the film's spiritual sequel, Strange Days (1995).

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Discussion 1: 00:02:00 - 01:03:45

Interstitial Music: Original Soundtrack - James Horner

Interview: Douglas Trumbull 01:06:30 - 02:11:44

Interview: Louise Fletcher 02:11:44 - 02:20:10

Interview: 02:20:13 - 02:57:57

Interview: 02:58:00 - 03:29:37

Interview: 03:29:45 - 03:57:00

Interview: Joseph Maddrey 03:52:02 - 04:31:03

Discussion 2: 04:32:00 - 05:02:23

End Song: "Brainstorm" - Hawkwind

Order Brainstorm on Blu-Ray
Order Brainstorm by Joseph Maddrey
Read The True Story of the Lost Sci-Fi Movie 'Brainstorm,' Natalie Wood’s Last Film by Ryan D'Agostino and Eleanor Hildebrandt
Visit the official Bruce Joel Rubin website



  1. Thank you for the time code table of contents!

  2. great! really informative, fascinating & poignant :o)

  3. It appears that BRAINSTORM's production-setback curse trickled down into the publication of Joseph Maddrey's book! Whose publication date is October 2020 according to Amazon.

    1. Yeah, everything has slowed down thanks to COVID.