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October 16, 2019

Episode 437: Wolfen (1981)

Special Guests: Whitley Strieber, Rupert Hitzig, John D. Hancock, Craig Safan
Guest Co-Hosts: Stephen Graham Jones, Jedidiah Ayres

#Shocktober2019 continues with a look at the 1981 movie from director Michael Wadliegh, Wolfen. Based loosely on the 1978 book by , the film stars Albert Finney as Dewey Wilson, a world weary New York City cop who is assigned the macabre murder of real estate mogul Peter Vanderveer. Initially thought to be a terrorist plot, Wilson is assigned a psychologist, Neff (Diane Venora), to aid in his pursuit. They soon learn that they’re facing something much more sinister... and much older...

Stephen Graham Jones and Jedidiah Ayres join Mike to talk about this film. Interviews include author Whitley Strieber, producer Rupert Hitzig, director John D. Hancock, and composer Craig Safan.

Listen/Download Now:

Bonus Interview w/Stew Buck:

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Buy The Wolfen by Whitley Strieber
Buy Hancock on Hancock by Michael Doyle
Buy Wolfen (The Unusued Score by Craig Safan
Buy Wolfen by James Horner
Buy Mongrels by Stephen Graham Jones
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Scores by Craig Safan and James Horner
"Bark at the Moon" - Ozzy Osbourne
"The Killing Moon" - Echo & The Bunnymen
"Smuggler's Waltz / Bronx Lullaby" - Tom Waits
"South Bronx" - KRS-One


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