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April 1, 2019

Episode 409: Heaven (1998)

Special Guests: Daniel Edwards, Jeremy Birchall, Chad Taylor
Guest Co-Hosts: David Kittredge, Spencer Parsons

Scott Reynolds's, Heaven (1998) is a New Zealand film that features crime, sex, and the supernatural. It's the story of our titular Heaven (Daniel Edwards), a transsexual, precognitive stripper who works for a violent member of the underworld, Stanner (Richard Schiff). Moreover, it’s the story of gambler Richard Marling (Martin Donovan>), his wife and her lover, a psychiatrist. And, believe it or not, both of those storylines are all tied together into one larger piece.

Filmmakers Spencer Parsons and David Kittredge discuss the film with Mike. Actors Daniel Edwards and Jeremy Birchall discuss the making of Heaven while author talks about the inspiration for his book and revisiting the characters in The Church of John Coltrane.

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"Something for the Cat" - Henry Mancini
"Hey Man Nice Shot" - Filter


1 comment:

  1. Not the best "Projection Booth". The conversation felt dominated by a single view of gender politics, and the commentary on the film itself felt neglected.