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February 13, 2019

Episode 403: Get Rollin' (1980)

Guest Co-Hosts: Benjamin Buxton, Leon Chase

We continue Black History Month with the 1980 film from director J. Terrance Mitchell, Get Rollin'! It’s the story of three very colorful people and their lives in and around a roller rink in Brooklyn; Vinnie Vinzerrelli of the "Jigaboo Jammers", Pat The Cat, and Inez Daniels. At some point the film becomes less of a documentary and more of a drama about Vinzerrelli ‎ and Pat the Cat taking their roller boogie skills to England.

Filmmakers Benjamin Buxton (On the Rink) and Leon Chase (Suzy Hotrod: Roller Derby Star) join Mike to discuss rollerskating, Brooklyn in the late '70s, and more.

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"Skate Dancer" - Vinzerrelli
"A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays" - De La Soul

Bonus Music Track by Grapefruit 45


on the rink from benjamin buxton on Vimeo.

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