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December 24, 2018

Special Report: Surfer© Teen Confronts Fear (2018)

Special Guests: Douglas Burke, Carol Connors
Guest Co-Hosts: Timon Singh

Timon Singh of The Bristol Bad Film Club joins Mike to discuss the 2018 film from writer/director/actor/producer/etc. Douglas Burke, Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear. It's the story of Sage (Sage Burke), a teen who confronts his fear of the ocean with help from the astral projection/squid + electricity incarnation of his father. There's military intrigue, inspirational monologues, and lots and lots of surfing.

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"To Know Him Is To Love Him" - The Teddybears
"Hey Little Cobra" - The Rip Chords
"Theme From Rocky" - Bill Conti
"Go It Alone" - Carol Connors
"With You I'm Born Again" - Billy Preston
"Lonely Surfer Girl" - Carol Connors


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