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October 30, 2018

Episode 388: Session 9 (2001)

Special Guests: Brad Anderson, Stephen Gevedon
Guest Co-Hosts: Axel Kohagen, Jedidiah Ayres

Directed by Brad Anderson and co-written by Anderson and , Session 9 was released in 2001 and stars Peter Mullen as Gordon, the head of a team of asbestos abatement workers in a psychiatric institution. As the story unfolds we learn more about Gordon as well as one of the patients of the asylum whose story mirrors his.

Axel Kohagen (of the Super True Stories podcast) and Jedidiah Ayres (author of Peckerwood) join Mike to discuss the film, institutions, mullets, and much more.

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"Noon, About Noon" - Climax Golden Twins
"I Saw You" - Climax Golden Twins
"Piece for a Tape Recorder" - Vladimir Ussachevsky


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