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May 19, 2018

Special Report: EgoFest VI

EgoFest VI? That's a lotta ego.

Yes, it's that time where I brag and boast and occasionally say something that may be of use to listeners of the Projection Booth. On this episode you'll learn more about... Hosting updates, recent guest hosting gigs, how much of an old fart Mike is, Icepick to the Moon, Survival of the Film Freaks, Mike's love of Rotten Tomatoes, upcoming episodes, and more.

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The Kulturecast podcast
The Kolchak Tapes
Icepick to the Moon: A Documentary about Fred Lane
Survival of the Film Freaks
Read about Mission: Caligula (Penthouse Reveals Plans for New 'Caligula' Cut)
Moviate Film Festival
Chicago Underground Film Festival
TromaDance Detroit
Carnal Cinema Blog
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"Danger is My Beer" - Rev. Fred Lane
"Dial 'O' for Bigelow" - Rev. Fred Lane
"Rubber Room" - Rev. Fred Lane

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