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May 10, 2018

Episode 364: Demolition Man (1993)

Special Guests: Peter M. Lenkov, Fred Dekker, Daniel Waters, David L. Snyder
Guest Co-Hosts: Laura Helen Marks, Chris Bricklemyer

Directed by Marco Brambilla and produced by Joel Silver, the Demolition Man (1993) stars Sylvester Stallone as hot shot supercop John Spartan. When he's set up to look like a mass murderer by his nemesis Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes), the two are sent to cryo-prison where they’re put on ice until the distant future year of 2032 where Phoenix breaks out of jail and the namby pamby cops of the future have no idea how to handle him. Of course, it's up to John Spartan to bring Simon Phoenix to justice again.

Stallone superfan Professor Laura Helen Marks and Outside the Cinema's Chris Bricklemyer join Mike to discuss this disarmingly charming sci-fi action film. Guests include three of the many writers of the film from original scribe to to . We also hear from the incredible production designer David L. Snyder.

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Bonus: More with David L. Snyder

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  1. For anyone wondering about the Pizza Hut version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STwEqxtjMCU

    1. I could have sworn I played some of that on the show. Apologies if I forgot.