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April 3, 2018

Episode 360: Man on a Swing (1974)

Special Guest: Justin Bozung
Guest Co-Hosts: Dennis Tafoya, Scout Tafoya

Directed by Frank Perry, the film was written by and based on the book Girl on the Volkswagen Floor by , Man On A Swing (1974) stars Cliff Robertson as detective Lee Tucker who investigates the mysterious murder of a young woman. When things are at a stalemate with the case, he’s approached by Franklin Willis, played by Joel Grey, an alleged psychic with uncanny insights into the case.

Justin Bozung returns to The Projection Booth to discuss Frank Perry and the production of Man On A Swing while writer Dennis Tafoya and film scholar Scout Tafoya talk with Mike about this unusual film.

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Buy Girl on the Volkswagen Floor by William Arthur Clark
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Original Score by Lalo Schifrin


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