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March 14, 2018

Episode 357: Mandingo (1975)

Guest Co-Hosts: Paul Talbot, Greg Klymkiw

We're heading to Falconhurst and looking at the unlikely hit film Mandingo (1975), the book series that informed it and its sequel, and the knock-offs in its wake. Richard Fleischer's film stars Ken Norton as Mede, the titular Mandingo, while James Mason and Perry King are the father and son who run Falconhurst, a slave-breeding plantation.

Greg Klymkiw (The Last Supper, Careful) and writer Paul Talbot (Mondo Mandingo: The Falconhurst Books and Films) join Mike to discuss Mandingo, it's sequel Drum, and several other sordid slavery-themed films (including the remarkable Addio Zio Tom).

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"Addio Zio Tom" - Riz Ortolani



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