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July 2, 2017

Special Report: Torchbearer (2016)

Special Guest: Zach Dasher
Guest Co-Hosts: David Pace-Bonello, Chris Bricklemyer

On this special episode of The Projection Booth we’re looking at the 2016 "documentary" from director Steve Bannon, Torchbearer. The film stars Phil Robertson, better known as “The Duck Commander,” and is an hour-long sermon which warns against the perils of secularism. This is the ninth film from Bannon as director, though he's taken a bit of a break from filmmaking as he's now advising the current President.

Special guest recounts the making of the film.

David Pace-Bonello and Chris Bricklemyer join Mike to discuss the film, political correctness, and much more

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  1. Zach Dasher is scary dumb. That said, thanks for this podcast, it is very useful to understanding what's happening now in America.