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June 27, 2017

Episode 329: On the Silver Globe (1988)

Special Guest: Daniel Bird
Guest Co-Hosts: Heather Drain, Joe Yanick

Initially begun in 1977 and not released until (1988, Andrzej Zulawski, On the Silver Globe, is based on a series called The Lunar Trilogy by Zulawski's great uncle Jerzy.

Joe Yanick and Heather Drain join Mike in an attempt to unravel the Polish sci-fi epic.

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Listen/Download Now:

"On The Other Side Of The Moon" - Andrzej Korzyñski
"Antonin Artaud" - Bauhaus


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  1. Mondo Vision, who've released Zulawski in the U.S. - most of his French films (La Femme Publique, L'amour Braque, The Important Thing is Love, Le Note Bleu) and the recent Blu-Ray of POSSESSION has been working on a release of SILVER GLOBE, as well as THE DEVIL and THE THIRD PART OF THE NIGHT... Daniel Bird's statement about the Polish Film Institute not supporting Zulawski goes a long way as to explain why it's taking forever to get good releases of those films (although THIRD PART OF NIGHT did get a nice DVD release from Second Run in 2007.) Mondo Vision is also scheduled to release his filmed opera of BORIS GUDONOV, which is also available as a Blu import from France.

  2. From the Criterion Collection Forum...

    Japan is releasing the "Polish trilogy" on blu-ray, April 4th 2018:

    Third Part of the Night, The Devil, and On the Silver Globe Blu-ray Box Set:

    On The Silver Globe (Stand-alone) blu-ray:

    Japanese-only subtitles, of course.