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January 17, 2017

Episode 306: Fantastic Planet (1973)

Guest Co-Hosts: Vincenzo Natali, Jeffrey Babcock

Vincenzo Natali and Jeffrey Babcock join Mike to look at the 1973 film from René Laloux, Fantastic Planet .

Also known as La Planète Sauvage, this animated film was based on a book by Stefan Wul called Oms en série with visuals designed by of the Panic Movement. The film tells the tale of a world where exist as pets and pestilence to the Draags, 39 feet high blue-skinned creatures who enjoy meditation.

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  1. Japan may respect animation more, but there most popular animated films are definitely anime based. I mean Ghibli shut down because they couldn't find any success outside of Miyazaki.

    As for adult animation in NA, they don't make any mainstream adult films generally, but a lot of companies like Pixar, and Disney make family animated films specifically. Not films that are super adult, but definitely not ones that are dumbed down for kids either.

    I can generally tell Pixar animated films apart from other animated films as well. Laika is quite distinctive as well, but that's because they mix stop-motion with computer animation.

  2. Laloux's Time Masters is almost better than Fantastic Planet, at least I liked the story a lot more with its tearjerker of an ending....but the animation style is much more engaging on Fantastic Planet. Which is sad, considering Moebius was responsible for Time Masters visual style.