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January 10, 2017

Episode 305: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

Special Guest: Doyle Green, Dolly Read-Martin, Marcia McBroom, John Lazar, Erica Gavin, Stu Phillips, Lynn Carey
Guest Co-Host: Heather Drain, Jordan Blossey

Russ Meyer's first of two films for 20th Century Fox is a swinging quasi-sequel to Jacqueline Susann's tawdry Valley of the Dolls. Written by , Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) tells the tale of a female rock group who move out to Hollywood only to find it a cess-pool of broken dreams where only the strong and pure of heart survive.

Interviews include Doyle Green (Lips, Hits, Tits, Power: The Films of Russ Meyer), Dolly Read-Martin (Kelly), Marcia McBroom (Pet), Erica Gavin (Roxanne), John Lazar (Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell), Stu Phillips (Composer), and Lynn Carey (Vocals).

Joining Mike this week are Heather Drain and Jordan Blossey.

Listen/Download Now:

Bonus Interview: Stu Phillips

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Come With The Gentle People (vocals by Lynn Carey and Barbara Robinson)
Find It - Stu Phillips & Lynn Carey
Sweet Talkin' Candy Man (vocals by Lynn Carey and Barbara Robinson)
Look On Up At The Bottom (vocals by Lynn Carey and Barbara Robinson)
Ampersand (&) - Stu Phillips
Candy Man - Mama Lion
Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (vocals by The Sandpipers)
Look On Up At The Bottom - Redd Kross

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As I sent out interview requests for this episode I got possibly the stranges response I've ever gotten. It allegedly comes from Edy Williams's lawyer:

Subject: No Interviews are granted. Sorry this is a Demand by Relatives..
From: B.K. Williams Bobby

This is her attorney:
Mr Mike White, 3/21.2016
this is a notice to abate, cease, stop Stalking, harrassments, or pressures for the demand of Ms Williams time. You shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for any further disturbance.

Yours Truly,
Harry Wilson Esquire

C.C. E.W/M.W/H.W

Attached to the email was the picture that you see on this posting. I wrote back as follows:

I just sent an interview request yesterday. I've not harassed anyone.

Did you just charge her $500 to send an email?

The response:

Your bill is over $500..Back Off

I'm anxiously awaiting my bill.


  1. It took two days to finish this, but I enjoyed every minute listening to it. The trailer for BVD that commences the episode is such a blast to listen to. It really mirrors the spirit of the movie.

    My first viewing of BVD was on the IFC channel a decade ago (before the commercials began), but I became aware of it when it aired late night on a subscription movie channel. Even though I could not watch it at the time, I was intrigued by the description of the movie in the tv schedule. The points all of you touched on- the editing, the colors, the music, the farcical story - immediately won me over. It is one the most unique cinematic experiences of my life.

    The number of interviews for the episode is wonderful. Each of them provides a little piece of the story of the movie's production process. The fact that you were able to interview most of the living cast members probably means that this podcast rivals the special features on the Blu-rays and DVDs. It is startling to realize that the cast are all at least in their late 60s.

    The part of the movie that always stands out to me is the moralizing summary of the characters at the conclusion. It never ceases to induce laughter.

    -A Longtime Listener

  2. Stu Freakin' Phillips??? Oh sorry, I just fanboyed. As one of those kids that would record TV theme songs on my cassette recorder held up to the TV speaker; as well as saw both Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica in the theater and saw the name on the screen, I appreciated listening to this.