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December 6, 2016

Episode 300: Highlander (1986)

Special Guests: Russell Mulcahy, Gregory Widen
Guest Co-Hosts: Mike Thompson, Josh Hadley

There should be only one?

The Projection Booth celebrates our 300th episode with Russell Mulcahy's Highlander (1986), a science fiction/fantasy film in which immortals fight through time until only two remain -- Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) and The Kurgan (Clancy Brown). Though originally a box office flop, the film found new life on cable and VHS before spawning a bizarre franchise.

The film's director, Russell Mulcahy, and original screenwriter, , discuss their relationship with Highlander. Josh Hadley and Mike Thompson join Mike White in unraveling the many incarnations of the film's progeny.

Listen/Download Now:

Jonathan Melville's A Kind of Magic: The Making of the Original Highlander

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Soundtrack - Michael Kamen
"Princes of the Universe" - Queen
"Gimme the Prize (Kurgan's Theme)" - Queen
"Who Wants To Live Forever" - Queen
"A Kind of Magic" - Queen



  1. Making a song into a score was actually a pretty common thing in the 60's, Kamen was one of the last composers who did it traditionally though.

  2. If you happen to interview Russell Mulcahy again, please let him know that he owes me 30 years worth of reassuring hugs after his Wild Boys video traumatised me as a kid, lol. It still chills me to the bone hearing that song... even if it's just on the radio. A very effective video (but not to be seen by 5yr olds, it seems)! Bless.