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November 8, 2016

Episode 296: Mulholland Dr (2001)

Special Guests: Laura Harring, Patrick Fischler
Guest Co-Hosts: Jedidiah Ayres, Erik Marshall

David Lynch's Mulholland Drive (2001) lived a double life as a television pilot and feature film. A neo-noir that plays with themes of identity, roleplaying, and obsession, the film stars Naomi Watts as innocent ingénue Betty Elms and Laura Elena Harring as Rita, a woman with a past hidden from herself.

Mike talks to Patrick Fischler and Laura Harring about their roles in Mulholland Drive (and a lot more). Professor Erik Marshall and author Jedidiah Ayres help elucidate the mystery of Mulholland Drive.

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"Dwarfland/Love Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch
"Mulholland Drive/Love Theme" - Angelo Badalamenti
"I've Told Every Little Star" - Linda Scott
"Llorando (Crying)" - Rebekah Del Rio



  1. Interesting that you guys should perceive MULHOLLAND DRIVE as more accessible than LOST HIGHWAY, that the latter's heavy soundtrack makes it rougher. I always perceived the latter as more commercially-oriented due to being a high schooler when it came out & observing its popularity among teenagers who listened to Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Smashing Pumpkins... The Reznor-produced soundtrack was VERY popular, and NIN's "The Perfect Drug" played constantly on FM alt-rock radio stations in the late 90's.

    The way you guys viewed MD as a "kindler gentler LH"... I perceived LH as a youth-friendlier & pop-savvier WILD AT HEART.

  2. Renegade Cut covered the movie as well recently with a special hour long analyses. Man, did they cover every nook and kranny when it comes to subtext.
    Pretty good companion piece to the PB's episode.

    1. I never remember that "Renegade Cut" is the show it is. I always figure it's just dedicated to talking about Highlander 2.

  3. Hi Mike;
    1) 1999 /2000/ 2001 was the last vestiges of movie originality in our culture ! (I think "Fight Club" came out then too?) SIDEBAR: this period was also the "Return of Rock n' Roll" era with The White Stripes. The Hives, The Strokes, etc. --again probably the last time something "original" our culture will produced--even if it was somewhat regurgitated -- it was served up nicely?
    2) Brian DePlama (on his way down in the early 2000's) did a "Mulholland Drive" copy (!?)-- I think it was called "Femme Fatale"? I never saw it . Maybe worth checking out ??
    3) Roger Ebert : ("Mulholland Drive") Is the first time in a long while where David Lynch created something and DIDN"T drop the test-tube" . (LOL . I'm pretty sure he's referring to "Lost Highway" )
    4) My favorite scene not discussed here:
    Right after Club Silencio - when Rita and Betty get home and go to the closet to fetch the hat box........and then Betty vanishes.... with Rita calling out her name in the empty darkened apartment . This happens often in REAL nightmares ! Oh my gosh - to me this is the scariest scene in the movie. Well at least with me in MY nightmares. I'm always with someone and the suddenly they're gone. Wow.
    GREAT episode! Thank you!!

  4. Awesome episode! MD is one of my all time favorite films and you all hit the nail the head with so many of your observations and opinions. It's a complicated film to discuss but you guys really covered it well. The dream/wish fulfillment logic is fascinating to delve into as well the duality of characters. Good stuff!