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September 20, 2016

Episode 289: Sonny Boy (1989)

Special Guests: Robert Martin Carroll, Graeme Whifler, Michael Boston
Guest Co-Hosts: Maitland McDonagh, Mike Malloy

Produced by Ovidio Assonitis, Sonny Boy 1989 stars David Carradine and Paul L. Smith as Pearl and Slue, two desert-dwellers who end up "adopting" Sonny Boy (Michael Boston). Slue turns his boy into a feral killing machine in something of a Frankenstein tale.

Screenwriter , director Robert Martin Carroll, and star Michael Boston share the history of this fascinating film.

Mike Malloy, author of the upcoming David Carradine: The Lost Auteur, and Maitland McDonagh join Mike White in discussing Sonny Boy.

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Soundtrack - Carlo Maria Cordio
"Dueling Banjos" - Eric Weissberg & Steve Mandell
"Midnight Cowboy" - John Barry
"Road to Mandalay" - Jerry Colonna
"Midnight Cowboy" - Faith No More
"Hello Skinny" - The Residents
"Why Don't You Eat Where You Slept Last Night?" - Johnny Copeland
"Maybe It Ain't" - David Carradine


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1 comment:

  1. Another great episode of the Projection Booth. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the creation of such a singular film.

    My introduction to Sonny Boy was an airing by TCM Underground almost eight years ago now. It succeeds in creating a unique cinematic world, something that films with much bigger budgets frequently fail to accomplish.

    Of all the strange films I introduced to my ex-girlfriend, this is the one she brought up when I asked her about the weirdest thing she ever watched with me. Pearl's defense of Sonny Boy at the end of film left quite an impression on her.