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August 30, 2016

Episode 286: Vertigo (1958)

Special Guests: Patrick McGilligan, Dan Auiler
Guest Co-Hosts: Tania Modleski, Susan White

Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo is a tale of obsession which has sparked an obsession in many of its viewers. Jimmy Stewart stars as John "Scottie" Ferguson, a disgraced detective who's hired by an old friend to follow his wife, Madeline (Kim Novak), who seems to have become possessed by a spirit from San Francisco's past.

Professors Tania Modleski and Susan White (no relation) join Mike to discuss the film which was ranked as the best film in the world in a 2012 Sight & Sound poll. Authors Patrick McGilligan (Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light) and Dan Auiler (Vertigo: The Making of a Hitchcock Classic)

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"The Forest" - Bernard Herrmann
"Carlotta Valdes" - Ghost Rhythms
"Vertigo" - Billy Eckstine
"Carlotta Valdez" - Harvey Danger



  1. Have you guys changed your web host recently? Downloading the podcast seems to work much better now. In previous weeks it kept cutting off my download after the first couple of dozen MB.

  2. Wonderful episode. Professors Modleski and White in particular were fantastic guests.

  3. Hot show. Great to hear the female guests.