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July 17, 2016

Special Report: Korla (2015)

Special Guests: John Turner, Eric Christensen
Guest Co-Host: Rob St. Mary

Incredibly skilled at the keyboard, Korla Pandit came into the houses of California housewives during the '50s with his hypnotic stare and tunes. The documentary film Korla tells the story of Pandit's life and the secret with which he lived for years.

Special guests director John Turner and producer Eric Christensen talk about making the documentary.

Rob St. Mary joins Mike to discuss the film, exotica music, and more.

Visit the official website
Visit the Korla Pandit website
Buy Exotica 2000 by Korla Pandit

Listen / Download Now:

"Trance Dance" - Korla Pandit
"Temptation" - Korla Pandit



  1. I just finished listening to the episode, as usually very interesting. As a European I was not familiar with Korla Pandit. After looking up some of his music I have to admid it’s not my thing.

    I’ve been listening to the podcast only for a few months. Now I noticed that some of the episodes aren’t availible. Is this becomes of rights, or are they lost?

    1. Everything should be available via the site, our app, and iTunes. Where are you not seeing things?

    2. I use the RSS feed to go the page, Tapeheads for example, and there appears a message that says "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.".

      I have tried to go to the missing episode pages via the link on the Past Shows page, with the same results.

    3. I ran the site through a link-checker and that Tapeheads episode seems to be the only one that wasn't working. Fixed now. Please let me know if you run into any others.

  2. Thank you for your quick response. The Tapeheads episode is working fine now. If I find any others, I'll leave you a message.

  3. I remember Korla Pandit. IIRR, he had a mid-afternoon slot, like Ronnie Kemper. My sister and I used to watch Pandit mostly while waiting for other shows to come on (Space Patrol or Jim Hawthorne, maybe), but we appreciated his skill, his Mona Lisa smile, and his novelty. There was no one else like him on TV. You know, come to think of it, there still isn't.

  4. I love Korla Pandit, I made a short animation mixing him with Criswell but not many people got the references from either of them.