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May 22, 2016

Special Report: Death Game Redux

Special Guest: Dyan Traynor

Who would have thought that there were things left unsaid in the first episode about Death Game?

On this very special episode, Mike fills in a few things that were learned about Peter Traynor's Death Game and Eli Roth's Knock Knock. He also gets the inside scoop from Dyan Traynor about her father's work.

Additionally, the episode boasts a "table read" of the original script of Mrs. Manning's Weekend by Jo Heims from an original screenplay by Tony Overman and Michael Ross.

The Cast:
(Agatha) Jackson: Heather Drain
Donna: Rahne Alexander
George Manning: Dave Pace-Bonello
Harvey / Delivery Man: John Walker
Karen Manning / Mrs. Phipps: Marisa Young

Download Episode Now:

Listen to the previous Death Game episode:

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"Where is My Mind" - James Bartholomew
"A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody" - Django Reinhardt


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  1. That was fun. I wish you would have discussed with the cast afterwao.