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March 21, 2016

First Cease and Desist

I'm putting together an episode of The Projection Booth about Russ Meyers's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and sent out some interview requests last night.

This may be the strangest response I've ever gotten to a simple request. It allegedly comes from Edy Williams's lawyer:

Subject: No Interviews are granted. Sorry this is a Demand by Relatives..
From: B.K. Williams Bobby

This is her attorney:
Mr Mike White, 3/21.2016
this is a notice to abate, cease, stop Stalking, harrassments, or pressures for the demand of Ms Williams time. You shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for any further disturbance.

Yours Truly,
Harry Wilson Esquire

C.C. E.W/M.W/H.W

Attached to the email was the picture that you see on this posting. I wrote back as follows:

I just sent an interview request yesterday. I've not harassed anyone.

Did you just charge her $500 to send an email?

The response:

Your bill is over $500..Back Off

I'm anxiously awaiting my bill.


  1. I would dearly love to see that lawyer stand in court and convince some one you did anything illegal lol

  2. I don't get it - on the top line of the photo, his name appears as "Harry Williams". But he signs the letter "Harry Wilson"? He can't even keep track of his own last name?

  3. 'Back off!' I hate this sort of confusing legal terminology.

  4. ...or maybe ask him for an interview about his titular role in 'Attack of the Giant Leeches'.

  5. Utterly bizarre. What in the world is that weird receipt thing supposed to mean?

  6. I can't believe this could even be a lawyer. Surely someone college educated would approach using proper grammar.

  7. I think this is the most interesting thing that has happened to them in ages. And that lawyer obviously has a golf game to attend to .

  8. This sounds suspiciously like Tickled. Gerhags Ms Williams is being blackmailed by Terri Tickle to do illicit tae-bo videos?

  9. Alternative response from them could have been: "Dear sir, thank you for the interview request. We are, however, not interested. We wish you well in this project. Regards, etc etc"