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March 8, 2016

Episode 261: Night of the Comet (1984)

Special Guests: Thom Eberhardt, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney
Guest Co-Hosts: Angela Mac, Jon Abrams

"I don't go around the Writer's Guild building much because there's too many people out to kill me." - Thom Eberhardt

In Night of the Comet, a cosmic visitor wipes out nearly everyone on Earth save sisters Reg and Sam who discover a handful of other survivors; most of them psychos, zombies, or scientists.

For the fifth anniversary of The Projection Booth it was fitting to cover a movie where a projection booth save our lead character's life. Jon Abrams of The Daily Grindhouse and Angela Mac join Mike to discuss the film. The episode features interviews with director Thom Eberhardt, and stars Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney.

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"Unbelievable" - Revolver
"Virgin In Love" - Thom Pace
"Tell Me Yourself" - Revolver
"The Air That I Breathe" - The Hollies


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