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February 7, 2016

Bonus Interview: Gerrit Graham

Special Guest: Gerritt Graham

As part of our coverage of Demon Seed, Mike spoke to actor, writer, songwriter Gerrit Graham about his career including CHUD II, "Star Trek: Voyager", Used Cars, Phantom of the Paradise, Class Reunion, Home Movies, Beware! The Blob, "Seinfeld", The Creature Wasn't Nice, and more.

Listen to out Phantom of the Paradise episode
Visit Gerrit Graham's web store
Buy Used Cars on DVD
Read The Crime and Its Victims by Gerrit Graham

"Built to Last" - The Grateful Dead

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  1. Wow. Wasn't expecting this treat! Will be listening a little while later. Like the list of films covered, but hoping you haven't neglected the classics 'Greetings' and 'Hi Mom'. Guess I'll find out soon enough. Congrats, Mike, on another major score. Can't wait to listen to your take on Demon Seed, which I believe will be your show's first foray into the work of the late, great Donald Cammell, a director who is deserving of his own month! Thanks in advance!!!

  2. Nice interview. I used to consider Gerrit Graham the poor man's Jeffrey Jones, but considering everything that's gone down with Mr. Jones, it's probably vice-versa now.