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January 26, 2016

Episode 255: Hudson Hawk (1991)

Special Guest: Daniel Waters
Guest Co-Host: Stephen Scarlata, Jamey Duvall

Catch the Excitement! Catch the Adventure! Catch the Hawk! Hudson Hawk, that is. Directed by Michael Lehmann, the 1991 Bruce Willis vanity project was considered by many at the time to be a disaster. Is that a little harsh? Was the film really a subversive parody of action films?

Stephen Scarlata and Jamey Duvall join Mike this week to examine Hudson Hawk. The episode features an interview with the film's writer, , who gives us the inside scoop on the making of the film.

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"Swing on a Star" - Bing Crosby
"Monkey Gone to Heaven" - The Pixies



  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for another great episode, and one dedicated to a film that I always thought was a bit undervalued.

    As far as the beginning of Hudson Hawk (after the Da Vinci sequence) goes, I've always been reminded of Donald E. Westlake's Dortmunder stories and specifically the opening sequence of The Hot Rock adaptation starring Robert Redford and George Segal. A lot of Hudson Hawk has that absurdist Westlake feel to it and while I know there are many references to many different sources to be found in HH, it's always been the Dortmunder influence that has stuck in my head, especially with all the exaggerated side characters. That's my two cents.

    Always looking forward to whatever is coming up next!

    Best regards,
    Jeff Goodman
    SF, CA

  2. The Bay of Pigs is an herbal tea and the cold war has something to do with penguins.

  3. Bravo for the Pixies closing the ep. Made me laugh out loud.