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December 30, 2015

Episode 251: Get Carter

Special Guests: Mike Hodges, George Armitage, Stephen Kay, John C. McGinley
Guest Co-Hosts: Eric Zaldivar, Maitland McDonagh

For the final episode of 2015, we look at Mike Hodges's 1971 feature film debut, Get Carter starring Michael Caine as Jack Carter, a mobster from London who travels back to Newcastle after the suspicious death of his brother.

We talk to Mike Hodges along with the director of Hit Man, George Armitage, and of the 2000 remake, Stephen Kay. We also discuss Get Carter with actor John C. McGinley. Mike is joined by Eric Zaldivar and Maitland McDonagh.

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"Get Carter" - The Horrors
"Get Carter" - Paul Rose
"Get Carter" - Human League
"Goodbye Carter!" - Roy Budd



  1. Mike,
    A 1000 thanks for this utter delight! You are one lucky bastard...Mike Hodges AND George Armitage in the same episode! two of my all time favorites....I am in envy of the highest degree. You keep taking TPB to the apex! Congrats and keep up the terrific work.

  2. Great show. Mike Hodges is delightful and now I have to see all his films. I went to Amazon to buy Get Carter but many of the 1 star reviewers commented that Warner dubbed some dialog with American accents. I think someone said it was at the beginning of the film with Carter's bosses. Others said that Warner replaced the dubbed version. When did you get your copy and from where? Thanks.

  3. Mine had the dubbed voices but I don't know the source of it.

  4. The UK blu ray was originally released with the US friendly dub/dialogue ( which occurs in the pre credits scenes only ) but after customer complaints to Warner Bros the disc was reissued with the original dialogue intact, so if you buy the UK blu ray today from new you should receive the corrected version.