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November 1, 2015

Special Report: All Things Must Pass (2016)

Special Guest: Sean M. Stuart
Guest Co-Host: Carol Borden

The story of Tower Records is one of entrepreneurship. Opening in 1960, the store grew to a six billion dollar company before suddenly crashing and burning in the early 2000s. Was it a victim of digital downloading? Did it grow too big too fast? What did we lose when Tower closed its doors? Those are some of the questions that filmmaker Colin Hanks attempts to answer in the 2015 documentary All Things Must Pass: The Life And Death Of Tower Records.

Our special guest, Sean M. Stuart, is the producer of All Things Must Pass and we're joined once again by guest co-host Carol Borden of The Cultural Gutter.

Visit the official All Things Must Pass website
Read Mark Maynard's interview with Doug Biggert of Tower Records Hell

"The Record Store" - The Brunettes
"Stack-A-Records" - Tom Tall

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Shot from Black Shampoo:

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