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December 18, 2014

Most and Least Downloaded Episodes of 2014

It's been an amazing year for The Projection Booth. We've had our praises sung by the A/V Club, Filmmaker Magazine, and IndieWire. And, moreover, we've gotten terrific feedback and kudos from our listeners. We've had some terrific guests and co-hosts who have helped make 2014 a banner year for our little show.

As we're wont to do, here's a list of our top (most downloaded) and bottom (least downloaded) episodes of the year. Funny thing is, we love them all equally. Thanks again to everyone who's helped make this year special and we look forward to many more! Enjoy!

Most Downloaded Episodes of 2014 (Highest to Lowest)

  1. Manhunter
  2. The Bad Lieutenants
  3. Orgy of the Dead
  4. Special Report: Jodorowsky's Dune
  5. The King of Comedy
  6. Female Trouble
  7. Caligula
  8. Possession
  9. Cruising
  10. Life of Brian

Least Downloaded Episodes in 2014 (Lowest to Highest)

  1. Let's Scare Jessica to Death
  2. Big Gus, What's the Fuss?
  3. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  4. The Burglar
  5. Boys in the Sand
  6. American Mary
  7. Election Special
  8. Mother Night
  9. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter
  10. Detour


  1. Keep up the great work gentlemen! I agree, I love all of your podcasts equally as well; especially Let's Scare Jessica to Death. That forgotten gem is one of my favorite films to watch around Halloween. Thanks again for the incredibly entertaining podcasts fellas!

  2. Okay, you caught me, there was one of those episodes that I managed to not listen to. I'm not entirely certain how that happened, but I will rectify that situation.