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December 9, 2014

Episode 196: Idiocracy (2006)

Special Guest: Luke Wilson
Guest Co-Host: Jeff Wattrick

You should listen to this episode because "Brawndo's got electrolytes!"

This week we look at Mike Judge’s 2006 devolution satire Idiocracy.

Find out what happens when Private Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), the "average American", wakes up 500 years in the future. Sadly, he discovers he's easily the smartest man alive!

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Read The Marching Morons by C.M. Kornbulth
Read a review of Idiocracy by Nuttawut Permphithak
"Let's Examine the Many Signs that Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" is Nearly Upon Us"
"Darwin, Dar-Lose: The Genius of Idiocracy"
"Idiocacy is a Cruel Movie and You Should Be Ashamed for Liking it"
10 Best Products from "Idiocracy"
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  1. Thanks for reading & talking about "The Marching Morons." I definitely think it's worth checking out for anyone who enjoys the dysgenics intro in IDIOCRACY. TMM focuses on this angle a bit more and takes it in a much darker direction.

    Re: Alex Jones - Linklater actually buys into the conspiracy stuff, or at least he did at one point.

    "After Hollywood director Richard Linklater handed (Bruce) Willis DVDs of Alex Jones' documentary films Terror Storm and Martial Law on the set of Fast Food Nation, Willis underwent a political awakening and his entire paradigm was shifted."(http://www.infowars.com/articles/us/jfk_willis_from_unlikely_quarters_bruce_willis_ends_jfk_debate.htm)

  2. Just watched the Alex Jones interview with Judge. Jones claims that Judge was residing largely in L.A. at the time, so I presume he had to make the trip for the interview.

    Been reading Laozi, lately. At one point, Judge tried to articulate something about how the left/right:liberal/conservative stuff doesn't figure into his thinking as he goes about his creative work. It made me think of something Laozi said... about how real wisdom is non-prejudicial, and most folks' opinions serve largely to reinforce those opinions. Looks like maybe Judge has found The Tao!