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October 9, 2014

Guest Spots: Weedsmen, Lone Wolves and Killer Parties

Weedsmen Potcast

Rob was on The Weedsmen Potcast recently and they created two shows an extra out of it (he likes to talk, A LOT). As the name implies, the show focuses on marijuana related news and culture. By the way, Rob is doing a weekly film review called “Rewind This (and just smoke it)” for the Weedsmen. Some of the reviews will be related to past episodes of The Projection Booth while others will be totally new. So, check it out if you need more Rob and, really, who doesn't?

Episode 18: Renaissance Man
Bonus Nugget 7: Know Saint
Bonus Nugget 8: Skimming the Scum

Outside the Cinema

Mike joined Bill & Chris to talk about Lone Wolf (1988) and Killer Party (1986).

Geek Juice Director Series

Mike's been on the Geek Juice Director Series a few more times. Still at the beginning of the alphabet, he's talked about Tim Burton and Danny Boyle.


Mike's also been a part of a few discussions on Radiodrome.

What Happened to Movie Nerds?

Recalled Movie Posters

1 comment:

  1. Looking forward to the Batman Returns episode. It'll be interesting to hear whether the participants think Batman '89 or BR is the "darker" film. There's no consensus, I've seen it equally argued both ways. Personally, I think B89 is the darker film aesthetically. The Gotham City production design by the late Anton Furst feels much more "real" to me and the film has more of a hardboiled Noir aesthetic than its sequel, whose macabre aspects I feel are softened by its "Gothic fairytale" feel.

    As for the Prince music in B89... considering that Burton was forced by WB to use the Prince music but was able to choose how and where to place it, I think Burton managed to use Prince in a remarkably subversive way. Consider that the Joker blares Prince on his boombox while VANDALIZING AN ART GALLERY. The Joker's all about bad taste, and playing Prince gives an even bigger finger to the sanctity of art culture than if Joker had played GOOD music while defacing priceless works of art.

    I appreciate that Burton used the Prince songs only as background music played by characters in the film, not as actual score. Just imagine if it was used to score a montage of Batman's crimefighting like the Ghostbusters theme, that would be.... awful.

    (Mike, you owe it to yourself to rewatch Beetlejuice! It's a cleansing tonic to pure the mind of Burton's post-ED WOOD output. Macabre black humor & throwaway gags, inventive practical & stop-motion effects... it's as creative, unique, witty and hand-crafted as Alice In Wonderland is uninspired, generic & glossy.)