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September 23, 2014

Episode 185: Othello (1951)

Special Guest: Samantha White
Guest Co-Host: Joseph McBride

We conclude Shakespeare September with our look at Orson Welles's Othello. Filmed over a period of four years, the production was plagued with financial problems but ultimately proved a triumph of ingenuity over resources. The second of Welles's Shakespeare films, Othello is yet another of his works that has been tampered with.

We're joined by Welles scholar Joseph McBride of our Magnificent Ambersons and Executive Action episodes and we talk to Samantha White of the Shakespeare in Detroit company.

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"Othello" - Verdi
"Breaking Us In Two" - Joe Jackson


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  1. I finally found the time to listen to this splendid episode - thanks to all for a great job. I was able to see a 35mm screening of the original 1952 edit of OTHELLO ten years ago and am pleased to say the soundtrack was cleaner, fuller and oft-times had better synchronization between voice and lips than the '92 restored version. In addition, the Venice sequence in this version was extended by several minutes which improves the sequence considerably. Since this podcast came out, the Criterion Collection has announced it will be releasing a Blu-ray of OTHELLO in the U.S. - I'm hoping that Welles' '52 edit can be included as a bonus feature!