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September 2, 2014

Episode 182: Strange Brew (1983)

Special Guests: Dave Thomas, Steve De Jarnatt, Lynne Griffin, Jeff Robbins
Guest Co-Hosts: Craig Bierko, Skizz Cyzyk

It's time to take off to the Great White North and officially kick-off Shakespeare September with The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie: Strange Brew, an unorthodox take on William Shakespeare's Hamlet with Bob & Doug playing Rosencrantz & Guildenstern.

Joined by guest co-hosts Craig Bierko and Skizz Cyzyk, we discuss SCTV, Canadians, and the many adventures of Bob & Doug.

Please note that Craig Bierko is an ardent supporter of Loma Linda University Children's Hospital (LLUCH), pioneers of the first infant heart transplant. Please help LLUCH keep its pledge to never turn away any child in need by texting KIDS at 27722 and donating $10 instantly from your phone bill.

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"Shakespeare Horked Our Idea" - Bob & Doug McKenzie
"Strange Brew" - Ian Thomas
"Strange Brew" - Cream
"Autobahn" - Rick Moranis
"Mad Bad Dad Rap" - Dave Thomas
"Take Off" - Bob & Doug McKenzie (w/Geddy Lee)



  1. Great interview with Dave Thomas.

    One of the SCTV parodies mentioned by one of the other guests was "Power Play" ( http://youtu.be/PmV_tyYYp0g ) which poked fun at "Face Off" ( http://youtu.be/ig9aeTrfZSQ ) which starred Art Hindle and John Vernon. It's a pretty spot on depiction. OK, maybe it's exaggerated a little ;)

    It's been a while since I've watched Strange Brew so I was unaware of the irony regarding The Beer Store name. I'm Canadian and when I was a kid the store was called Brewers Retail. At some point the name was changed to The Beer Store but I had assumed it was done before Strange Brew was released. I guess my memory was a little fuzzy. So Bob and Doug in a sense, retroactively visit the actual name store after Brewers Retail refused to let its name be used in the film. Strange Brew indeed.

    The first time I ever heard of Strange Brew was when I went our local drive-in theater at the time, to see Superman 3. This drive-in had four screens and at any point you could turn your head in any direction and see what was playing on the other screens. I happened to turn around and on one of the screens I see a black dog with a skunk stripe flying through the air. At another point, I see what resembles a hockey game between teams of Darth Vaders and Storm Troopers. I was mesmerized and had trouble staying focused on Superman 3 even though I couldn't hear the sound for Strange Brew. I decided I had to see that movie. However, it wasn't until it played on TV that I got a chance to see it.

    So, in a sense, I did see it first in a theater, kind of.